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December 14, 2020 4 min read

Upgrading, optimising and reorganising your skincare and makeup routine is something we’ve always endorsed to make sure you’re gifting your skin with the best natural ingredients possible. Which is why when a brand new, innovative, time-saving and benefit-rich product arrives, we want you to be the first to know about it.

Introducing our Radiant Glow Veil.

INIKA Organic Meet radiant glow veil blog

We know it’s a bold claim to say that potentially the best hydrating primer isn’t actually a primer, but hear us out, because this magical product sits between a primer for dewy skin and a glowy moisturiser. This means you can finally fuse these steps together without sacrificing any of the nourishing benefits. To find out more about our Radiant Glow Veil, read on.

What exactly is Radiant Glow Veil?

Well, it’s the new addition to your beauty bag that you didn’t even realise you needed, until now. Radiant Glow Veil is essentially a 3-in-1 product: it moisturises the skin, primes it for a dewy glow, and adds a glowing finish to your makeup. It’s not fully in the primer category, nor classified as just a moisturiser or an illuminisor- it’s a perfect mix of the three!

But what is the difference between primer and a moisturiser? A primer is meant to prepare your skin and create a good base for your makeup, while a moisturiser is applied during your skincare routine to nourish the skin.

As the perfect combination of both, the Radiant Glow Veil is a skincare product that draws on the nourishing and hydrating benefits of a moisturiser while also preparing and protecting your skin before you pop on your makeup, much like a dewy primer. It leaves a pink and golden sheen on your skin, adding a natural-looking glow to your makeup like a liquid highlighter.

What ingredients are in Radiant Glow Veil?

The Radiant Glow Veil contains a botanical complex that stimulates cellular renewal at a rapid rate. What is this magical botanical complex made up of? Well, here’s the organic ingredient break down for you:

Kukui Oil

- Also known as ‘candlenut oil’, the kukui oil benefits are unparalleled due to the amount of fatty acids they hold that can hydrate deep within the skin. If you’re wondering how to get radiant glowing skin naturally, then this ingredient should always be at the top of your shopping list.

Argan Oil

- While most may know this as a product for your hair, argan oil for skin stimulates collagen production on a huge scale. So incorporate argan oil for glowing skin that is naturally plumped and looks oh-so youthful.

Magnolia and Willow

- When encapsulated, these two all-natural ingredients fight irritation, dryness and premature ageing incredibly.

Aloe Vera

- Yes, this may be your go-to ingredient when dealing with sun damage, but applying Aloe Vera on the face can soothe, repair and soften skin beautifully.

How can you incorporate Radiant Glow Veil into your beauty routine?

The glorious thing about the INIKA Radiant Glow Veil is that it combines three key steps in your skincare routine: moisturiser, primer, and illuminisor. Here are a number of ways to apply it, all with different beautiful outcomes:

  • Use it as you would a moisturiser. Lather it on to leave the skin dewy with a gorgeous glow.

  • Use it as you would a primer. Prep your skin before any makeup application with a pump of this to build the perfect hydrated base.

  • Use it as a lightweight highlighter. After finishing your makeup application, simply dab a little Radiant Glow Veil onto your cheek bones, at the end of your nose and on your cupid’s bow to illuminate your features, just like you would apply a cream highlighter.

  • Mix it in with your foundation. Nail the dream dewy makeup look by mixing a smidge of it in with your everyday foundation.

What are the benefits of Radiant Glow Veil to your skin?

The brilliant botanical complex in the Radiant Glow Veil stimulates cellular renewal, protects the skin from free radicals, boosts hydration and leaves skin visibly dewy, fresh and glowing. It does this by pulling the best benefits from the all-natural ingredients found inside and delivering it in one beautiful application.

However, the greatest benefit in our opinion is that you get all the advantages of dewy primer AND a glowy moisturiser AND an illuminisor in one hit. Minimising your getting-ready routine while nourishing and protecting your skin.

We’re sure that this formula is set to be a staple in every beauty bag, so be sure to get your own Radiant Glow Veil from INIKA Organic - remembering that you can get free standard shipping on orders over $75. You can even buy now and pay later with any and all of our natural, certified organic, vegan and cruelty free products.

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