December 10, 2020 5 min read

If you like applying makeup all over, foundation is the first step of your routine. And when you find the right foundation for your skin, you’ll never go back (and you’ll get out of the door faster in the mornings!).

INIKA Organic Powders vs Liquids

It starts with deciding which formula will suit your skin the best, and there are three popular formulas: liquid/cream, powder and BB creams. The big question is, what’s the difference? Our experts give you the lowdown on liquid vs. powder foundation and more, and explain who each type is best for so you can ace your base.

Liquid & Cream Foundation

Chances are, the first foundation you tried was liquid. It’s the most common formula, and it’s pretty easy to work with. You can apply it using your fingers, a beauty sponge or a foundation brush, and the options are endless. When you’re shopping for a creamy foundation, you’ll come across light, dewy foundations as well as thicker formulas that will give you full, matte coverage. In a nutshell? There’s a liquid foundation for every vibe and skin type!

As for how to apply liquid foundation, dot a little on your forehead, nose and cheeks and blend outwards until it looks like a second skin.

Pros: With a range of formulas and finishes to choose from, there’s a liquid foundation to suit all skin types and textures. It’s buildable and the easiest formula to apply.

Cons: There truly is a liquid/cream foundation for everyone, and some formulas are a better match for some skin types. For example, if you have dry skin, steer clear of matte foundations. On the flipside, if your skin’s a little oilier, a dewy liquid foundation might not stay put for as long as you’d like.

Who it’s best for: All skin types, especially those with normal, dry and mature skin.

Try it! Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

The best dewy foundation, this formula offers medium coverage with a gorgeous satin finish. It glides onto the skin like a dream, and contains ingredients that will give your skin a healthy glow. Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and boosts elasticity to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while antioxidant-rich green tea protects the skin from free radicals. Finally, lavender and argan oil soothe and soften the skin.

BB Cream

For those days when you don't want to wear a full face of makeup, a BB cream is perfect. What is BB cream, and what is BB cream used for? Originally created by German dermatologists to soothe their clients’ skin after skin peels and treatments, "beauty balms" are a hybrid between skincare and makeup. They hydrate the skin and cover up blemishes, redness and other imperfections while showcasing your best features, like your freckles!

BB creams offer sheer, buildable coverage, and they usually contain anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients, like green tea. To apply, dab a pea-sized amount of product onto the back of your hand, and then use your fingers or a sponge to blend it into your skin.

Pros: With BB creams, skincare meets makeup, so they won’t clog your pores or counteract your skincare routine. Along with being quick to apply, they disguise imperfections and deliver a hit of hydration to the skin.

Cons: The formula is sheer, so BB creams aren’t suitable for days you want or need full coverage.

Who it’s best for: Anyone who wants to experiment with “no-makeup makeup” or cut down their morning makeup routine.

Try it! The Certified Organic BB Cream evens out your skin tone and blurs imperfections while letting your skin shine through. It smooths out the skin and offers light coverage with a dewy finish, leaving you with a radiant glow.

The formula contains the highest percentage of certified organic ingredients in a BB cream (80%). These include jojoba oil to boost collagen, regulate your skin’s oil production and fight wrinkles. Prickly pear oil moisturises and softens the skin, and pomegranate seed oil reinvigorates.

Powder Foundation

Love the airbrushed look? A powder foundation will help you to nail that flawless finish. These formulas are finely milled and highly pigmented, leaving your skin looking matte and velvety.

Powder foundations are long-lasting and easy to blend and layer with other formulas, like liquids and creams. They also help to absorb excess oil, so they’re a great to wear in warm weather or if your skin is on the oily side.

There are two types to choose from, and they’re both beginner-friendly. Baked foundations are pressed powders that offer light buildable coverage, and loose powder foundations offer light-medium buildable coverage. Both have a silky, matte finish texture.

You can wear full-coverage powder foundation on its own, or on top of a liquid formula. To apply, dip your Vegan Kabuki Brush into the product, and dust off any excess on your hand. Then, buff the foundation into your skin using firm, circular motions until you get the coverage you want.

Pros: Powder formulas last the distance, and they absorb oil so your makeup doesn’t crease. Plus, they’re perfect for achieving that airbrushed, flawless foundation look.

Cons: They’re not the best choice for dry or ageing skin. Since these formulas sit on top of the skin rather than melt into it, the powder can cling onto flakes and make your skin appear even drier.

Who it’s best for: This is the best foundation for oily skin, and for those who love a matte finish.

Try it! Take your pick between our two mineral powder foundations.

The Loose Mineral Foundation SPF25 is the best bet for buildable coverage. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it evens out skin tone and covers up imperfections, like acne and pigmentation without clogging the pores. It has a silky-smooth texture, and contains SPF25 from titanium and zinc oxide — pure minerals that don’t dry out the skin.

If you prefer pressed powders, the Baked Mineral Foundation offers sheer, veil-like coverage that warms up the complexion while disguising redness and blemishes. The best matte foundation, it’s infused with magnolia bark extract to boost hydration, and hectorite to tighten and minimize the appearance of pores.

Ace your base with mineral foundation

The best formula for you comes down to your skin type and the kind of makeup look you’re trying to achieve.

As a base product, foundation stays on your skin the longest, so you want to make sure you’re applying a foundation that’s packed with skin-loving ingredients. Shop our range of certified organic and vegan foundations online, and check out our Makeup Trial Pack if you want to give a few formulas a test-run!

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