Green Friday: The Sustainable Alternative to Black Friday

You’re likely familiar with Black Friday, along with the many other shopping events throughout November, that incentivise spending in the lead up to Christmas. But have you heard of Green Friday? This four-day online shopping event was created in 2021 to flip the narrative on this chaotic sales period.

What is Green Friday?

Green Friday encourages Australian consumers to shop sustainable and ethical offers with consideration and mindfulness. Although it will take plenty of work to change shopping behaviour, Green Friday is a start in changing the mindset of shoppers. The rise in conscious consumption means while consumers will still engage in the economy, they will also take care to choose sustainable and ethical brands and be aware of the impact their shopping behaviour has on society and the environment. The Green Friday movement isn’t about telling consumers not to shop, but how to shop better, with consideration and mindfulness, rather than on impulse. By spotlighting sustainable and ethical brands, Green Friday offers consumers sustainably focused deals that they can trust.


Why is INIKA Organic participating in Green Friday?

120 billion units of beauty packaging are produced each year, but not all beauty products are created the same. At INIKA Organic, we carefully assess the impact our packaging and process have on the environment. We are proudly leading the way in sustainable beauty, as the first certified plastic neutral makeup brand worldwide. We believe in providing products that are healthier for you, and the planet.


How is INIKA Organic packaging sustainable?

All our packaging is recyclable, and over 90% is made from sustainable and renewable materials. The remaining 10% is offset by our plastic-neutral initiative.

Innovative and eco-friendly packaging used:
  • Sugarcane tubes
  • Recycled aluminum
  • Glass jars and bottles
  • PCR – post consumer recycled plastic
  • Handles make from fermented corn and cassava
  • Vegan bristles on brushes

What does plastic neutral mean?

We started our journey by assessing the impact our packaging has on the environment and looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional beauty packaging. We drastically reduced our plastic footprint, minimizing virgin plastic use by 84% (from 8.1 to 1.3 tonnes). Our plastic neutral certification guarantees that for every kilo of plastic we do use, one kilo that otherwise would have gone to landfill is collected and recycled.

Giving Back

Each year we collect and recycle 4.7 tonnes of plastic. We partner with organizations including Plastic Forests and BlazeAid which make and donate plastic posts and garden stakes to Australian farmers devasted by fires and droughts. You can read more about our latest project here.
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