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About Natural Skincare

Natural and organic skincare made in Australia

Your skincare routine is the ultimate daily luxury. It’s a time to take care of your complexion, but steal a few moments of peace in a busy day. And there’s no reason for skincare to be complicated!

At INIKA, we believe in keeping skincare simple. Our ideal routine consists of a handful of hardworking products to support clear, hydrated skin, and that’s because we have the strictest ingredient criteria of any beauty brand in the world. As an A-Beauty brand, we infuse our products with clean skincare ingredients that are proven to work, including beautiful Australian botanicals and pure minerals. Say hello to happy, healthy skin with natural skincare that nourishes and protects!

Skincare with no nasties, ever

The key to beautiful skin is consistency with your skincare routine. We want you to feel good about what you’re using to cleanse, moisturise and hydrate your skin from the outside in, and for our conscious customers, that means no nasties. Ever.

That’s our ingredient promise to you. Just like our makeup, our skincare is free from synthetic substances and fragrances, as well as parabens, fillers, sulphates, talc and other artificial ingredients that can dry and irritate the skin. Since it’s all-natural, it’s suitable for all skin types and the best organic skincare for sensitive skin.

We create all-natural skincare your skin loves. It’s Certified Organic, Certified Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, Certified Halal and sustainably sourced. 

Botanical skincare harnessing power of plants

Treat your skin to products filled with potent, plant-based ingredients that calm, soothe and protect the skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant. 

You’ll find botanicals and skin-loving actives on our ingredient lists. One of our hero ingredients, Rose Jericho is scientifically proven to protect the skin from pollution while sealing in much-needed moisture. Maca Root helps to prevent premature ageing and give skin a glowy finish, while Caviar Lime fights free radicals and speeds up collagen production for smoother, plumper skin. Then there’s Resveratrol (Grape Seed Extract), which reduces redness, shields the skin and brightens dull, tired-looking skin. Together, these ingredients strengthen the skin’s barriers to keep the goodness in, and pollutants out.

Skin-loving botanicals aside, our products also contain certified organic essential oils to boost your mood every time you apply your skincare.

Keep it simple with our hard-working minimalist skincare routine

The INIKA skincare routine is completely customisable to your skin concerns and the season, but always starts with an organic face wash. Our oil cleanser unclogs pores without stroping the skin, while the micellar rosewater is the perfect natural makeup remover. A couple of times a week, reach for our gentle exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and reveal healthy, radiant skin.

When your skin is squeaky-clean, it’s time to apply your favourite serum and the best organic eye cream. Our Phytofuse Renew products hydrate and plump the skin while working on darkness and redness. To lock in all that goodness, massage in an organic face oil that’s rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to deeply moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. 

Moisturiser is the last step (before sunscreen). Choose a lightweight formula for the day, and switch to a richer night cream in the evening to hydrate and repair the skin while you sleep. There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep!

Browse our range of certified organic and vegan skincare online, including cleansers, serums, face oils, moisturisers and eye cream. You can check out our natural beauty blog while you wait for your order to land on your doorstep!