December 16, 2019 3 min read

Once you've experienced the benefits of going organic and switching to natural makeup, it's only fair to want your loved ones to do the same. And why not: Who doesn't want their loved ones to get beautiful, glowing skin while saving the planet?

Thankfully, Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for you to share the joys of cruelty-free makeup with your nearest and dearest. Whether you're looking to indulge a discerning natural beauty enthusiast or inspire someone to start their own organic makeup journey, our guide to vegan Christmas gift ideas has something for everyone!

Start with an icon

Before you dive into finding all-natural and vegan gifts for makeup lovers on your Christmas list, be mindful of what exactly you need to look for. The best natural makeup brands are able to back their claims of being organic and/or cruelty-free with proof of relevant certifications.

Those cute little icons you'll find on most of our products and on our website? They do more than just look good: They're proof of all the independent organisations who can verify that when we say our natural makeup is organic and cruelty-free, we mean it.

All INIKA Organic products have the following vegan and organic certifications:

  • Organic Food Chain Australia
  • Vegan Society UK
  • Choose Cruelty Free Australia
  • Organic Cosmetic Italy
  • AFIC Halal Authority, Australia's peak Halal certification authority

    Learn more about our certifications and what they mean in greater depth here.

    Pick a favourite

    Shopping for Christmas beauty gifts is one of the rare times when it's completely fine to pick a favourite. Our bestsellers make the perfect tried-and-tested makeup gift ideas for both vegan beauty devotees and newcomers to natural makeup.

    If you're searching for a gift that any beauty enthusiast will love, try our cult favourite - the Long Lash Vegan Mascara. Beloved by beauty editors and bloggers alike, its 100% natural formula harnesses the anti-inflammatory properties of Magnolia Bark and soothing benefits of Vitamin E to nourish lashes as it lengthens. And who doesn't want to get dramatic lashes that are as healthy as they are beautiful?

    On the other hand, our Loose Mineral Foundation with SPF25 makes the ideal Christmas beauty gift for anyone interested in enhancing their skin's beauty and nourishing it at the same time. Free of harmful synthetic chemicals, our signature buildable foundation protects skin from harmful UV rays and can be blended with liquid foundation for a long-lasting finish.

    Consider a set

    If you really want to spoil the natural beauty enthusiast in your life this Christmas, our carefully curated makeup gift sets are the way to do it.

    Help her take her natural makeup with her wherever she goes with Jet Set Ready, a perfectly-sized purse packed with our Long Lash Vegan Mascara and Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick. Or convert her daily makeup routine to all-natural alternatives with Flawless Everyday, which brings together our bestselling Loose Mineral Foundation, Bold Lash Vegan Mascara, and travel-size vegan foundation buffing brush in a handbag-friendly pouch.

    Alternatively, spread the beauty goodwill out over several days with the 12 Days of Natural Beauty Advent Calendar, our super luxe beauty gift set. With twelve all-natural makeup gifts tucked into elegant miniature drawers, it's sure to bring plenty of cheer this Christmas season.

    Give her the right tools

    Help her apply her natural makeup flawlessly with one of our vegan makeup brushes. No matter her style or what products she prefers to use, our high-density Vegan Kabuki Brush will certainly go down a treat. The luxuriously soft brush is gentle on even the most sensitive skin, and gives a stunningly smooth, airbrushed finish.

    For devotees to our Mineral Powder, we recommend our Limited Edition Perfection Powder Brush. Its super-soft synthetic bristles are ideal for creating a barely-there, natural finish, and are protected by a specially moulded brush case that slides in place around the brush handle.

    Let her choose

    If your favourite beauty enthusiast likes to experiment, or if you're not sure what she already has on her top shelf, consider a gift voucher to our online store. Available in values ranging from $20 to $200, a voucher will allow her to choose her own special Christmas gift from our wide selection.

    With new additions like our Limited Edition Liquid Glow Illuminisor and seasonal kits like our Holiday Glow set, she'll be spoiled for choice.

    It's never been easier to find vegan Christmas beauty gifts

    This Christmas, give a gift that's as kind to the planet as it is to her skin. Our organic makeup is the ideal choice for beauty enthusiasts seeking nourishing, cruelty-free additions to their top shelf.

    For more Christmas gifts for makeup lovers, find an INIKA Organic stockist or shop online today.

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